An Intense 5 Day Studio Workshop

#BKstyleCon  2014 – #SewOpen Design Fashion Studio –

An intense five day workshop focused on understanding fashion, business and tech, how they work together and how to leverage them to build a Six Figure Indie Fashion label- or indentify “challenges, needs and desires” on which to build the next big #fashiontech Startup. 
A master lab led by experts in both Traditional and Cottage based fashion

Monday 15 – 19, 2014 5 Day Sessions 
This is a specially designed 5 day seminar-workshop- lab that focuses on Local Fashion ecosystem and the
Business | Production | Operations | Sales & Marketing
It will  place all these issues into perspective for attendeees.

  • The goal is to assist local businesses in adapting and adopting Technology
  • To help the improve the success rate of local fashion businesses
  • To help expand selling  on a Global Scale as well
  • Conceptualization of  Fashiontech startups

Lawrence Pizzi  will be fresh of  New York Fashion Week  technical production for a major International Luxury Label and brings his expertise as a designer, a professor at several New york Institutions and his experience as an owner of a luxury label. Local designers will gain insight as how to manage quality  control Line production and communicate their needs effectively.

Bonnie Sandy

Ms Sandy will bring her expertise in the local  creative cottage & te3ch  sector.
Attendess will leave with the skills

  • To leverage their creative properties into product, services and merchadsie.
  • Leverage new and existing tech tools to cut cost and increase profits
  • Determine  Brand pricepoints and market positions
  • Lay out operational strategy and Identify a sustainable business model
  • understand merchandising   product lines for various markets
  • Communicating the value of design product via proper labelling, storytelling and imagery

Attendees must attend all 5 days . This not a “how to sew” but rather ‘how to manage” decisions needed in the creation of a  fashion line. One of the most intense prep session s out today!

With input from Fashion Business | Production | Operations | Sales & Marketing& tech experts 

Best suited for buiness & concept  development  in fashion  & soft furnishing – apparel, home decor and exterior design. One can take the role of Buyer, Consumer, Manufacturers, Designers, Wardrobe suppliers, Artist,  Stylist ,  Entertainer, Promoter, Educator, Blogger, Journalist,  Curator, Critic, Archivists, marketer, Techical support – Collector, Exhibitors,  Innovators,  service providers or ven  “Fashionista’  becoming an enthusiatic consumers of  various sub niches, scales, locales and interest  or those in  apparel manufacturing
Note EarlyBird Special $300 valid till September 4th
Full lab price $400
Includes Pop up shop participation

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