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Fashion Youth Initiative

Our exploration of fashion as a Platform for Steam is evolving into a complete Fashion Youth Initiative!  now however  Teen Entrepreneurship will take center stage with STEAM highlighted as a crucial aspect of creating local industries.

Kaylah’s Participation at NYukCo has inspired us to open a FYI- Fashion Youth Initiative – And we will start with a Teen Entrepreneurial Symposium on September 19th 2015 from 1-5 pm

She actually does design these pieces. She has been tested them and will soon have a line ready for sale. It’s here confidence though that makes this so worth it! …
Bonnie Sandy project lead

We start by  introducing them to creative principles and skills, as well as the discipline of committing to a project and seeing it through to completion. Teen have vivid and wild imaginations and harnessing that , teaching them to provide for themselves is invaluable. The Fashion sector si  also not just design, It’s research, profiling trend forecasting, technical and creative design, mastery of  specific techniques, the  promotion and production of media, video  and images, sales, shipping fulfillment and customer services.   Add the  opportunities that  Data collection, VirtualReality, Augented reality, gaming,  social media D design Haptics Laser cutting , solar inks etc.   If  You have an interested teen please contact us 

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Meet The Buyers

#BKStyleCon market  prep and professional development  for designer.  What  do  Buyers really want, who are they and where can you find them.  Attendees get an  opportunity to meet buyers., learn what they  are looking for and get  valuable feed back on their lines …

6- 6.30 Using the Conversation Prism to find “buyers”

6.30-7 .30 Meet  The New Buyers  Local Online Marketplaces

7.30-9 pm Meet The Buyers- Local Retail Boutiques

Facilitator –Atim Oton Calabar Imports

Five sessions-  BKstyleCon looks at strategies, business needs and technology in key areas especially relevant to immediate solutions… professionals can  select  one or all

Check full schedule for other Conference sessions and Workshops

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Tapping into your Alter ego to Leverage Success

Jumpstart you  creativity and build confidence. Mini fashion show & presentation by Lingerie designer Sasha Peters

Lingerie designer- Sasha Peters designs and presents as her alter ego HotCocoa Cocoa. A  “partnership”  that has been extremely successful! She now  lecture and presents.

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STEAMD 2014- Youth OpenStudio, Show & Sell

Junior Designer Fashion Studio launched for young designers ages 8 -18, hosted by our STEAMED2014 Junior Designer,  with the help of a team of adult instructors. This is a fun studio to introduce young people to fashion technology and entrepreneurship.

The evening ends with a fashion showcase and sale from 4pm – 6pm. Meals will be provided and each student will receive one ticket for a supporter to attend the show and sale at 4pm. Space is limited so reserve early.

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#Bkstylecon Wrap Party and Fundraiser

Fundraiser Fashion Show, Auction & Birthday Celebration BKStyle is open to the general public.

This project is designed to be self sustaining but we also believe we are our brothers and sisters keeper! Please check back for details on event!

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#BKstyleCon-Material Design – Accessories & Shoes

#BKStyleCon presents two wokshops that challenges designers to create solutions specific to a customers wardrobe needs, as vehicles to increased sales.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

11:00am – 1:00pm –  Design Elements and principles for the Accessory Designer  

1:00pm – 4:00pm  Shoe Redesign lab Shoe Covering  Workshop  with Designer Tenneh Wilkins

Too often the local customer complains they cannot  find what they  need.  The cries that
“It simply  does not go with my outfit “,
Really is simply a lack of merchandise planning that can be attributed to isolation  of independent designer. What ever your medium of choice learn to take the wardrobe needs into account and leave with  a series of templates to build on.

Each session we’ll look at

  • New media and emerging tools relevant to topic
  • New Fashiontech Startups
  • Business models
  • Identify untapped opportunities
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#BKstyleCon 2014 Fashion | Business | Tech

#BKstyleCon 2014 – Local112- Fashion | Business | Tech

Designed for independent fashion designers – BkstyleCon is a unique conference, specifically addressing fashion technology and the business of local fashion!

Five sessions-  BKstyleCon looks at strategies, business needs and technology in key areas especially relevant to immediate solutions… professionals can  select  one or all

Monday, September 15, 2014 –

3D for Fashion Eleanor Whitney of & Jerry Castanos of www.3DHeights.heights will SHOW local designers how to use 3d technology To create products for their lines.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014 – Meet the Buyer Trade Edition

5-6 meeet buyers from online Market Places –
Atim Annette Oton of Calabar Imports will bring a Panel o speak on getting your product to buyers!t


Wednesday, September 17, 2014 6-9

People, Pricing, & Profit Bonnie Sandy we take on Pricing for profit
Financing &  funding  your lIne


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Brooklyn “Tee” Party
5-7  Perfecting a unique “tee” shirt- Block Tenneh Wilkins …House of Rubi on creating a branded twill tee shirt through FIT!
7-9  Branding & Professionalism Louis Narcisse of Pharaonic Brand Designs speaks his favorite topic…

Specially designed so that those who work can attend evening sessions currently available at Earlybird prices till September 4th… This is a lean startup bootstrap model… so your support ensures these will continue…

Shopping  Party

Friday September 19th 5-12pm Meet The Buyer (Consumer Edition)

Selling techniques matter- the pop up shop is designed to explore how Local designers sell  attend our pre- event prep even if not Selling  to gain insight!