Fashion Youth Initiative

Our exploration of fashion as a Platform for Steam is evolving into a complete Fashion Youth Initiative!  now however  Teen Entrepreneurship will take center stage with STEAM highlighted as a crucial aspect of creating local industries.

Kaylah’s Participation at NYukCo has inspired us to open a FYI- Fashion Youth Initiative – And we will start with a Teen Entrepreneurial Symposium on September 19th 2015 from 1-5 pm

She actually does design these pieces. She has been tested them and will soon have a line ready for sale. It’s here confidence though that makes this so worth it! …
Bonnie Sandy project lead

We start by  introducing them to creative principles and skills, as well as the discipline of committing to a project and seeing it through to completion. Teen have vivid and wild imaginations and harnessing that , teaching them to provide for themselves is invaluable. The Fashion sector si  also not just design, It’s research, profiling trend forecasting, technical and creative design, mastery of  specific techniques, the  promotion and production of media, video  and images, sales, shipping fulfillment and customer services.   Add the  opportunities that  Data collection, VirtualReality, Augented reality, gaming,  social media D design Haptics Laser cutting , solar inks etc.   If  You have an interested teen please contact us 

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