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Wednesday, 24 October 2012 16:26

I lead with The why... the next generation needs abetter platform than I had... Brooklyn Has unique talent ..Untapped and a unique perspective!

It's as simple as that! 2013 Brooklyn Fashion Week is going  tech stratup from  design to  sales! I understand NOT  everyone is ready... That's ok but those who are will LEAD! That is BKSTYLE! Few can teach the progam like I can! It however has been tough ... I almaost Gave up! Today, I feel like Jumping and shouting! Whatever happens we've seen the light! their are other who believe!

What would a fashion Entrepreneur need in the next  few years. How will technology affect their sales and how can we grow a relevant  local fashion  sector? How will local designers utilize 3d printing, digital  printing,  laser cutting, solar inks, conductive Fabrics! how would social media marketing social commerce and telepresence play out? Will technique  quality  suffer or would designers blossom given teh right environment? 2013 We're on

Interested in joinging us sign  up on the form  previous article

Call for Local and Global Designers for BKStyle Events

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What would a fashion Entrepreneur need in the next  few years. How will technology affect their sales and how can we grow a relvant  local fashion  sector!

This is an informal post built on  pure JOY!

we Have Space

We Have a program That has been  tested

we have maunfacturing solution...

we know  fashion tech  companies

we understand our sector..

We have marketing and sales http://marketing4holiday2012.eventbrite.com/

As part of the Tuberiam we wil have access to Progranms, training  space technolohy  pools

Space for business  incubator,  coworking,  and sale!

Today  came  access to skilled sewers locally!

We have work to do!

2013 promises to be a major year ...but you need to get off the fence!  Designers what is your ask list ie what do you need in terms of skillsets for production... Brooklyn Fashion week Has Identified a Group of LOCAL  women  trained in High-end sewing techniques embroidery, crochet, leather, knits, the project  is wlling to accommodate your needs  and need volunteers to train in specific skillsets identified as being needed. They are great in quilts rolled hems etc. we also have space.

OFFERS                                                                                 DEADLINES

America’s Next  Top Model Sponsor call                                         October 31th 2012

DeMarketplace Holiday  CadCall  for ANNM                                  October 27th 2012

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