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Mas Designers Pre-labor Day Feature on #brooklyn fashion week

Brooklyn Fashion Week is calling for Masquerade designer  prepping for Brooklyn’s labor day  to submit their offerings for our online “Mas Designers & mas bands Pre-labor Day Feature on Brooklyn Fashion Week ” – Deadline July 24th, 2014

  • Signature Editorial Image (previously unpublished)
  • Video Short-under 3 Minutes (previously unpublished)
  • Masquerade Design is part of he Brooklyn Style arena , and is inclusive of Footwear, Headwear and Accessories. Please specify  last order date in comments
  • Please ensure credits are in comment of the form you submit,

Website – Buyers are seeking designer serious about their business and therefore only will published . Subdomains on platforms are not advised. Sales platforms are not accepted for publication on Brooklyn Fashion Week (you can link to them from your website). If you are not in Brooklyn NY you will be categorized as Global BKStyle! ™ Ensure that products are properly labeled with correct info to increase chances of consumer conversion

BKStyle!™ brooklyn fashion week Is an Open CrowdSourced Fashion Week BKStyle!™ (Brooklyn Style) Format. General participation is open to all local BKStyle!™ designers ! With a focus on technology and cloudbased services we are able to accommodate Global BKStyle! ™ participants. All submitting designers will be added to our designer list to be sent news on offers and info on workshops sponsored by 28 Squared program, Including….

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